YANCHOV.COM - Building the future together!

Find your reliable partner in construction in Bulgaria! We will assist you in the preparation of the project documentation and the accompanying processes, depending on the current regulations and the time limits regulated by Bulgarian law.

Let's be partners in realising your boldest construction desires

Whether it’s a large-scale construction project or a small refreshing renovation. We will respond to the challenge with professionalism and individual approach to achieve impressive results together.

At Yanchov.com, you can find the suitable professionals, materials, and services to easily manage the process of building your home or office from A to Z. Discover the specific service or activity and request it directly through the contact form or at the provided phone number/email.

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Yanchov Engineering

At Yanchov Engineering, you can find information on architecture, design, rough construction, plastering/rendering, plumbing and heating, HVAC, electrical installations, drywall, renovation, and house drainage.

Yanchov Build

At Yanchov Build, we are responsible for the preparation of investment projects, pre-project proposals, and we provide architectural consultations.

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Yanchov Excavations

Kакто подсказва името ще намерите подходящия екип за извършването на изкопни работи, изграждането на огради, вертикална планировка, изграждане на канализации, събаряне или извозване на строителните отпадъци.

Yanchov Roofs

The professionals at Yanchov Roofs will assist you in planning roof repair activities for your house or apartment building, as well as constructing a completely new roof, installing gutters, rearranging tiles/bituminous tiles, and providing waterproofing services.

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Yanchov Renovations

Yanchov Renovations is the place to turn  if you have an upcoming apartment, bathroom, or other home renovation project. You can also rely on us for demolition, painting services, plumbing, and electrical services. We offer a handyman services as well.